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Been a while

Sorry about not keeping this site more up to date, it’s been a hectic two years. I’m working on getting more data added from the last couple years, plus all the missing info from Rocket Rangers on. I’ve got most of the art, but I’m still working on getting the... [Read More]
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Check out the Timeline

We’re still putting the site together, but we’ve added a timeline to the site. Now you can see the complete history of Orlandia in one visual way. Each entry links to that year’s story, so you can fully read up on what happened. You can check it out here. We’re... [Read More]
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Welcome to Tales Of Orlandia

Welcome! This is the site for Tales of Orlandia. We’re still getting everything set up, so please be patient with us. While you’re here, check out the history section for everything from previous years.
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