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Incoming Transmission
Date: L.E. 0053 (Lunar Era)

It’s been 53 years since the humans in Orlandia voluntarily relocated to the moon. Creating a new calendar that commemorated mankind’s exodus to the stars, we now live in the Lunar Era, abbreviated L.E. and the year.

To let the Earth heal itself from all the destruction of Orlandia’s violent past, mankind is trying to let the Wyldewood heal the scars of humanity.

The domed city of Lunar Orlandia is where all Orlandians live, save for a small few left in stewardship of the Earth at the former NuHelix research facility, Wyndham One.

Astro Forces Logo

Defended by the Astro Forces of Orlandia, and their commanders the Rocket Rangers. These brave men and women protect the Lunar city and all of our solar system from enemies, both human and otherwise. Armed with a Khaser gun and a rocket ship, they patrol the space lanes and protect people from all the ways space has devised to kill us.

The Factions

The Rocket Rangers

Rocket Ranger Badge

The Rocket Rangers are the elite force defending Lunar Orlandia from the invading Felixian forces. Players joined this faction to complete quests and missions, as well as battle Felixians in Skirmish. Led by Sky Masterson and Eleanor Barron, they were able to defeat General Growler and the invading Felixians.

The Felixians

Felixian Badge

The invading force from Mars. This NPC only faction was the main enemy for Rocket Rangers of Orlandia. Led by General Growler, this faction was trying to defeat the players in the Rocket Rangers. They were defeated by Rocket Rangers in an epic final battle.

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