Tales of Orlandia: Chrono-Conflict

Illustration by Travis


The following was posted to the Tales of Orlandia Discord server in the lead up to AFO 2023:

Time is unraveling and the stakes for Orlandia as we know it have never been greater!
Time portals have once again opened up, and people from all across Orlandia’s timeline are being pulled into a strange new dimension—one that exists outside of the timeline of Orlandia! This place outside of time acts as the hub for a war that is spilling out into the main timeline. Feudal warriors battle drones from the future while ray guns face off against cold steel blades. Two factions fight for the very future of Orlandia!

Withered Hand The Withered Hand has emerged from the shadows. This sinister organization has been pulling the strings behind the scenes throughout Orlandia’s timeline. Their leader, Porphyrion, has built a machine that will reset the timeline of Orlandia and erase thousands of years of history with a new timeline, completely under their control.
The Resistance The Resistance has risen up to put a stop to the Withered Hand, once and for all. Their leader, Jasper Addlestone, a humble engineer from the Skies of Orlandia, has gathered anyone willing to stand against this threat. Together, they vow to protect Orlandia and everyone in it.

Will you fight to protect and maintain Orlandia’s history? Or will you choose to wipe the slate clean and start over? Join Tales of Orlandia: Chrono Conflict and play your part in deciding the fate of Orlandia’s future!